A Difference in MicroStrategy Visualization

At Project X Labs we are looking to change the way MicroStrategy is extended with solutions that allow our customers to leap ahead.  We are taking the approach of solving problems with ready made MicroStrategy applications, widgets and extensions that allow our customers to not have to develop and own custom SDK solutions, but be able to license them and get extra support and product evolution.

We started with the purchase of GeoDash and have extended that to new levels of map based visualization standards.  We then added new products and features that include:

  • GeoDash – Google Maps Version and Opens Street Maps
  • IntelliSite – An in building or facility visualization
  • RFID Solution – A way to track assets and activity and integrate into any environment
  • Widget Gallery – A type of App store for MicroStrategy extension.  Some of the solutions we have are:
    • Carbon Footprint Application
    • Catastrophic Event Dashboard
    • Dynamic Default Selector Widget
    • Multi-Pass Value Selector Widget
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Product Features & Highlights

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Learn about the GeoDash Advantage ClickAlytics Solution for Marketers In-Building Analytics with IntelliSite – Extend your MicroStrategy Visualizations