Golf Application




Welcome to the instructions to install the Golf Application for the Windermere 2013 Member Guest tournament.

This application is brought to you by Project X Ltd.

  1. On your iPhone go to the App Store
  2. Search for “MicroStrategy Inc.”
  3. Download the appliction – “MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone” – see picture below
  4. Once it is installed it will have the generic application
  5. On your iphone open this page – Yes the one you are currently getting these instructions for
  6. Click on the following, it will configure the application:
  7. If the link does not work, copy and paste the following into your browser and it will configure the application:
  8. You Should now see the following image and icon.  To open the application click the icon

Here is a summary of some of the features:

Home Page – homea nice picture that comes up when you launch the application

trophyTrophy Icon – Standings – This will show you the leader board as well as the details for all of the flights – just swipe from left to right

betBetting Icon – The Bullet-ted List – This shows the total amount in the team betting as well as you can look at the amount and who bet on a specific team
infoInfo Icon – Information – Overall Welcome Message, details about the event, format of the tournament, local rules and information on the contests running through the day



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