January 11, 2013 – Project X Labs Ltd GeoDash Releases v2.3

GeoDash Continues to Evolve With the Release of GeoDash  Version 2.3

January 11, 2013 – Toronto, ON – As part of the alignment to the roadmap of continued evolution of GeoDash, we are happy to release a new version of GeoDash that extends both the Google Maps and the Open Street Maps versions of GeoDash.

In the latest version of GeoDash we focused on some extended methods of interacting with map based visualizations.  We have added the following new features that help our clients interact and integrate their map based visualizations to new insight.

New Features:

  1. Ability for the user to be able to use multiple dataset in a dashboard map based visualization in GeoDash.
  2. Additional selector feature to be able to free form lasso points on the map.  The user can draw free-form shapes to select multiple points in a map.

Bug Fixes:


We are pleased with the continued evolution of GeoDash.  We also welcome continued input into features that we should be adding and focusing on.

For more information please contact:
Stephen Hayward, President
416.422.8900 x 201

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