May 14, 2012 – GeoDash Continues to Evolve With a New Release

GeoDash Continues to Evolve With More New Features – Version 2.1.2

May 14, 2012 – Toronto, ON – Following the GeoDash roadmap and release schedule, we are now generally available with some new features.  We have added the capability to have a custom information window, a new ability to lock down features in the map, additional browser support IE 7, Playbook QNX and Blackberry.  We have also brought in some fixes to issues that we have found and resolved.

New Features:

  1. Ability to customize the information window.  It allows the user to customize the visualization to include attribute-linked graphs, grids or dashboards based on a specific point or region on a map when selected to appear in the pop-up.  The user now has three options for the information window (pop-up) when selecting a marker or region layer:
    1. Standard – As it exists today with no formatting available.
    2. On/Off – Not have any information window appear – helpful if the dashboard is attribute linked from the map to other areas and the pop-up is not needed.
    3. Custom – This allows the inclusion of a fully customizable information window (size and content).  The elements included can be:
      1. web element,
      2. dashboard or
      3. report services document
  2. New Permission to Lock Down of the Map Tools.  We have added the ability to have a user and an admin group that have different access to various functions of GeoDash for the user community.
    1. Admin GeoDash group has full rights (add, edit and/or delete) to all layers, markers and KML.
    2. The normal user GeoDash group can only view the layers that were predefined by the admin GeoDash group.  Providing a more controlled user interface.
      1. Search Tools
      2. Routing Tools
      3. Layer Manipulation
    3. This functionality is fully configurable in the style catalogue
  3. Additional support of Internet Explorer 7, Playbook QNX and Blackberry browsers
  4. Further integration of iPad.

Bug Fixes:

Various user interface, error message and interaction issues.

For more information please contact:
Stephen Hayward, President
416.422.8900 x 201



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