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At Project X Labs, we are only as good as the partners we work with, that’s why we are proud to work with some of the leaders in business intelligence technology, and technology innovations.

Etico Software

Etico Software Inc. Etico is a forward-thinking software development and integration company focused on delivering MicroStrategy-based solutions. Some of the world’s most respected organizations across Pharma, Healthcare, Insurance, and Retail have relied upon Etico for their ingenious problem-solving capabilities and innovative approaches. Widely known for its expertise with the MicroStrategy SDK, Etico has built many plugins for MicroStrategy Web, including complex visualizations and integrations with 3rd party systems. They have also built standalone applications that consume MicroStrategy with the I-Server SDK.

The partnership between Etico and Project X is a natural fit as both companies put the customers’ needs first and use technology to maximize the creation of value.”

Google Maps API Premier makes it easy for companies to include fully interactive Google Maps on their public and internal websites. The Maps API helps your customers and employees make the right business and purchasing decisions by visualizing important information on a familiar map.


Insegni Centre is a strategy advisory firm that specializes in assisting organizations develop strategic positions across a wide variety of business technologies and solutions. With a focus on understanding business objectives and ensuring that IT initiatives are strategically aligned to enable those goals, Insegni Centre utilizes an approach that focuses on rapid innovation to obtain strategic differentiation. In the area of Business Intelligence (BI), Insegni Centre works to provide the strategic framework that allows companies to identify BI opportunities within their organization, develop their BI Vision & Objectives and define their BI Requirements.

As specialized strategy firm, our clients turn to us as trust advisors when it comes to technology. We partner with Project X for data warehousing and business intelligence because their approach to delivery aligns with our focus on being agile, creative and delivering value at every step of an engagement. They focus on what is best for the client and that is tremendously important to us when looking at strategic partners.”

Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy is a leading provider of enterprise software platforms for business intelligence (BI), mobile intelligence, and social intelligence applications. MicroStrategy’s BI platform enables organizations worldwide to analyze vast amounts of data stored across their enterprises to make better business decisions. Companies choose MicroStrategy BI for its ease-of-use, sophisticated analytics, and superior data and user scalability. MicroStrategy’s mobile intelligence platform helps companies and organizations build, deploy, and maintain mobile apps across a range of solutions by embedding intelligence, transactions, and multimedia into apps. MicroStrategy’s social intelligence applications help enterprises harness the power of social networks for marketing and e-commerce. The company also offers a suite of free “friendly” consumer apps that use MicroStrategy’s enterprise technologies and its proprietary Cloud platform.

Project X Ltd. is a boutique advisory and technology services company. They are focused on innovative solutions in the business intelligence and data warehousing space by deploying an actionable strategy and rapid results methodology that gets customers fast and sustainable results. Project X works with companies in industries ranging from financial to manufacturing, healthcare to telecommunications and healthcare. Project X Ltd. is the parent company of Project X Labs.


Spacefile International Corp is a leading North American manufacturer of High Density Storage and Filing Solutions. For over 40 years, Spacefile’s products have offered storage solutions to a wide range of markets including commercial, health care, government, education, institutional and many others for a wide range of applications. Spacefile offers a full portfolio of services including space planning, storage equipment, installations and asset management.

Together the companies will develop a custom business intelligence (BI) visualization solution and asset tracking system.

The Spacefile Asset tracking system (SAT) uses small adhesive RFID tags and a hand-held RFID reader to track any kind of asset. By importing this business intelligence into a visualization tools created by Project X Labs, a whole new business solution emerges for companies that manage massive amounts of data each day.

With a BI visualization solution, companies can track and manage enormous amounts of data and visualize the movement of assets through their facilities. For example, a law firm which has thousands of files will be able to quickly visualize all the locations a file has travelled through its building. Companies will be able to quickly locate and find missing assets by visualizing them through an easy to use web page. This solution will be able to reduce the cost of doing business by freeing up resources to focus on high impact projects instead of tracking down assets.