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Technology innovation and rapid results for customers drives our product and solutions pipeline at Project X Labs. We will continue to launch products that solve real problems and that customers can rapidly deploy. Check back often for new product information or sign up to be notified.

We focus on MicroStrategy extension using the MicroStrategy software development kit (SDK) to design and build solutions to customers problems.  If you need custom SDK work done or you would like to look at products where when the solution is built you do not need to manage the widget and worry about support give us a call.

Our plan is to build widgets that have appeal to a variety of clients and then license them in a Software as a Services (SaaS) model which allows the user access to product support, product evolution and a cost effective way to own MicroStrategy extensions.  Some of our solutions have brought the following:

  • Ability to pass multiple selected values from one dashboard to another.
    • EasyNav from Etico Software
    • MPSel – Multi-pass Selector Widget
  • Setting a default selector
  • Map Based Visualizations
    • GeoDash – Google Maps and Open Street Maps
    • IntelliSite – an in-building or more detailed worksight/location base visualization.  Taking you past them map and into the facilities
  • A Variety of Applications Built on MicroStrategy to start answering specific customer use cases:
    • Carbon Footprint Reporting – A general industry application for customers who have multiple facilities that would like to track and manage their carbon footprint.
    • Catastrophic Event Dashboard – Insurance interactive application for when a catastrophic event hits your customers
    • Mortgage Insight – an application that organizations with distribution channels (branches) and customers who would like to see an visualize performance, risk and opportunity on a map based method.