Easily visualize marketing campaign performance


Deploy a solution that allows you analyze your marketing, social and campaign features at a fraction of the usual cost.

ClickAlytics is a light weight tool designed to seamlessly integrate into MicroStrategy. The solution allows you to:PXLTD_Clickalytics07

  • Visually analyze marketing campaigns, social media, and website pages
  • View clicks, conversions, revenue and other metrics in a heat-map overlay
  • Easily derive insights into how you are performing
  • Bring value to marketers and business users
  • Low administrative overhead
  • Light footprint architecture
  • No additional hardware, software, client tools, or database space
  • Sensitive data never leaves the MicroStrategy ecosystem
  • Increased user adoption with seamless UI integration
  • Low total cost of ownership

Learn more on YouTube:

[youtube width=”320″ height=”180″][/youtube]

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