GeoDash 4

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GeoDash 4


Complete with new UI, dynamic zoom, cluster operations and in-building analytics


Location intelligence tools have grown in number and complexity over the past decade, with most solutions priced out of reach for many companies to consider. With more than 80% of enterprise data having a location component we want to provide customers with a solution they can easily deploy and see value from immediately. With GeoDash™ 4, Project X Labs is delivering the easiest to use location intelligence tools on the market.

GeoDash is a light weight location intelligence tool designed to seamlessly integrate geospatial functions into MicroStrategy. It is the only geospatial solution for MicroStrategy that provides truly deep integration with the platform and Google Maps™ and Open Street Maps. GeoDash fully capitalizes on the MicroStrategy v10.7 plug-in architecture to natively leverage business intelligence (BI) functions from drilling and pivoting to metadata and security. No other solution provides this level of integration.

By providing a tightly integrated solution, GeoDash customers can deploy location intelligence at a fraction of the usual cost. Reduced administrative overhead, rapid deployment, low upfront investment, minimal training requirements, and increased user adoption are just some of the benefits.

New features in 4 include:

  • A brand new, sleek UI
  • Dynamic zoom, allowing for the automatic activation or deactivation of layers at user set zoom levels
  • IntelliSite, our in-building analytics tool, has had its functionality improved
  • Perform aggregate operations on point clusters
  • Local search and directions have now been made their own layer type
[youtube width=”420″ height=”285″][/youtube] Experience the GeoDash 4 Advantage – watch our GeoDash tutorial series on YouTube.

GeoDash M


GeoDash M (Mobile) allows customers the freedom to use GeoDash in the field, on their tablet and handheld devices, in a native integration with MicroStrategy. This release also brings customers even more power by allowing them to see up to one million points plotted on a single map in a dashboard in the web version. GeoDash enables customers to deliver mobile intelligence tools quickly and reliably with the MicroStrategy business intelligence platform.

GeoDash Mobile will capitalize off of the MicroStrategy security features released as part of 10.7. Companies can feel safe and secure while in the field that their business intelligence and data are protected. This new mobile intelligence functionality means that users can dynamically interact with location data when viewing prospective sites, surveying project locations, or evaluating new business opportunities.


GeoDash Advantages 

  • Low administrative overhead
  • Bundled with Google licensing
  • Light footprint architecture
  • No additional hardware, software, client tools, or database space
  • Sensitive data never leaves the MicroStrategy ecosystem
  • Heavy GIS processing done in the cloud without sensitive data
  • Increased user adoption with seamless UI integration
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Customers can create custom shapes on the fly

GeoDash Features

  • New layers tools to layer multiple reports, integrate multi-source datasets, easily import KML data sources, google places search API integration and improved performance of area layers
  • SimulSearch and SimulRouting
  • Multi-select targeting in dashboards
  • Integration into mobile for both Android and Apple devices
  • Enhanced visualizations
  • Area map tiling technology to color code boundaries
  • Create business driven custom territories
  • Automatic “cluster” of pin markers on the Google maps interface. Drill down to “sub-clusters” or pin markers
  • Automatic distance and time calculation in real-time
  • Geocoding in real-time
  • Custom Shape File Generation
  • Support HTTPS for enhanced security through the entire process –
  • Heatmap Layer – allowing heatmapping of points based on qty or aggregation of a metric
  • Administrative feature that allows customers to track usage at the user object ID
  • Retaining the zoom
  • Concentric distance circles (radius circles)
  • Light and dark map styles to better view your data
  • Data Subscription Services (DSS)
    Currently the areas of focus are:

    1.     Weather
    2.     Traffic
    3.     Hurricane
    4.     Earthquake
    5.     Flood – Coming Soon
    6.     Fire – Coming Soon
    7.     Tornado – Coming Soon
    8.     Hail – Coming Soon
    9.     Other Demographic and Geographical Data
    *Includes North America only.

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GeoDash Features & Highlights

[youtube width=”228″ height=”190″][/youtube] Experience the GeoDash 4 Advantage

[youtube width=”228″ height=”190″][/youtube] GeoDash Point Layer Types and Functions

[youtube width=”228″ height=”190″][/youtube] Introduction to Google Maps Features and KML Layers


Both Point and Area Layers on the same map and from different data sets.


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Compare GeoDash With the Alternatives

Compare GeoDash 4 The Alternative
Hardware   No Cost or Impact Some need a whole new server infrastructure.
Software SaaS On Premise Solutions.
Metadata Integrated Separate.
Geoencoding Included Not Included or as a separate service
Google Maps Included Extra Cost
Google Pricing Included Extra Cost
Security Uses MicroStrategy Separate Security Integration
Date Management None Required Often required
Training Included Complex due to separate server.
Cost SaaS Big.
Specialized Resources Not Required Separate Environment.
Other Map Options
  Open Street Maps Various
In-Building Analytics Included Extra Cost