Project X Labs Turns 2!

Birthday-Cakes-107November 12, 2013 – Happy Birthday to us! Project X Labs has really evolved and grown over the past 2 years. So we figured we would share some of the highlights:

GeoDash – our location intelligence tool – has gone through 8 releases with 4 major releases! The latest release even includes Data Subscription Services, which allow you to plot hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. on your maps. For more information about GeoDash visit our product page:

We have added Intellisite – our in building version of GeoDash, which allows you to go down in building or site based visualizations that show performance inside your facility. For more information please view our product page:

We have many other solutions such as a retail solution for shopper analysis, MPV (Multiple Pass Value) widget for MicroStrategy, like insight, carbon footprint report application, RFID, etc. You can find all information on our website

If you are interested in any of our products or would like to send over a birthday wish please feel free to contact us at anytime (416)-422-8900 or

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The Project X Team

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